Wizard Juice History: Wizard Juice started as something founder Austin Homfeld, a biohacker and health coach, created for himself to drink, something that was low sugar, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating first thing in the morning.  When he offered some to one of his health coaching clients in 2017 though, everything changed. As Wizard Juice began to show a positive impact on the client’s health and well being, Austin started offering Wizard Juice to many of his coaching clients at GoodVibesLab, and with his team of chefs, he began revising the formula to optimize results.   He worked to form the perfect ratio of powerful ingredients, while expanding Wizard Juice’s functional side for detoxification and calming effects.  Now the optimized formula of Wizard Juice is being offered around the world for the first time.

The theory behind the formula is having organic b complex, adaptogens and red spinach extract help to control the cortisol / adrenaline spike from traditional caffeine sources.  So although the product has caffeine it balances quite well the sympathetic to parasympathetic dialogue of the brain which scientists like Paul Zack and author of Immersion reports this exact balance is key to full brain immersion into finding purpose in an activity. This also happens to be a component of the science of flow states which was established by the world renowned Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Robert Csikszentmihalyi.


GoodVibesLab is a health and wellness company founded  in 2016 that is now a founder centric Startup Foundry.  Over the last 7 years, GoodVibesLab has created and tested dozens of innovative health products with their team of chefs through their one on one health coaching, which has led to incredible physical and mental transformations for their clients.  Of these dozens of innovative products, Wizard Juice was a standout and is now available worldwide. 

Austin’s Story:

After the treatment of a childhood illness left Austin with ADHD, Insomnia, and chronic sinus infections, he was determined to figure out the science behind it and how to heal himself.  He became obsessed with pinpointing the cause of his lifelong chronic health issues, pulling his own medical records as far back as he could to reverse engineer what had gone wrong.  At the same time, Austin’s love for cooking, which started as a boy scout, became a passion that allowed him to start experimenting with his own health concoctions.  By age 18, he was meal-planning, and after the market crash coincided with his college graduation he found himself in orthopedic sales, which led to helping pharmaceutical and wellness brands grow and scale.  Austin became fed up with the fact that most of these companies weren’t building their brands for the right reasons. As an idealist who wanted to make a positive impact in this industry, he realized he would have to do it right from scratch.  So in 2016, he founded GoodVibesLab, whose goal is to create the best wellness products using natural ingredients in the perfect ratio, for optimal health. GoodVibesLab is a combination of many of Austin’s life passions: science and medicine, cooking, and problem solving.  His mission is to create products that change the world, by changing your world each day.