“I’ve been drinking Wizard Juice for over a year and it’s been a game changer. I’ve seen a big improvement in my joints, inflammation and even my digestive system. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to feel better overall.”

Jen Valencia

“I never drink energy drinks because they make me feel shaky and I don’t trust the ingredients but this elixir feels healthy and natural.  I’m drinking it daily now and am a huge fan.” 


“My mom and I like to put them in the freezer and let them get super cold, and it’s like a treat that also serves as an anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion AND hydration = BONUS” 


“Wizard Juice was created to deflame the body, caused by the natural stress of everyday life. That’s all I need to help me recover from long days [of performing onstage.]” 

Henrique, Ballet Dancer

“Wizard Juice helps with sustained hydration and overall performance for my triathlons.”

John Scott Black, Ironman Triathlete

“This momma is HOOKED.”